Next Steps

First time here? Looking to get involved and serve others? Looking to connect in a small group? Start here! In our Next Steps class, we cover everything we believe and where to go from here. Join us!

We believe that everyone has a purpose that comes straight from God. We also believe that each person’s purpose can be encouraged, developed, and maybe even discovered by joining God’s people in what we call church. The first place to begin discovering and developing your God-given purpose in life is at our Next Steps Class. In this class we navigate through four sections: 

  1. How God sees us
  2. How God saved us
  3. How God Structures us
  4. How God sends us

At the end of this 2 hour class, you will have a clear view of how to pursue your purpose here at Dade City Christian Church. We offer these classes on the 1st Sunday of every month starting at 9am.