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We understand that looking for a church to visit can be stressful. We want to help make your first visit as stress free as possible. Below is some general information that we think will help out with that. If you know when you are going to visit with us, select the plan your visit option below. If you have already visited and would like to get more information or take your next step, you can select the “Growth Track” option.

Service Preview


When you first arrive you will be meet by our greeters who will welcome you.   If you need anything at all, ask one of these greeters and they can help you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to have a cup of coffee before entering the Worship Center.


Our music portion usually lasts from 10-15 minutes to start the service. We have a blended song service which means we sing hymns and contemporary worship music with lyrics shown on a screen behind the stage. We usually stand together and sing, but if you have physical limitations please don’t feel bad about sitting. 


You will receive a communion cup and a copy of the sermon notes when you enter the Worship Center. This is a time that our church takes each Sunday to remember Jesus and his sacrifice for us. If you are unsure or uncomfortable taking communion, please don’t feel pressured to participate. We believe this is a personal time between a Christian and Jesus, so this part of our service is quiet, with some light piano music playing in the background.


 We believe that giving is between you and God so please accept our worship service as our gift to you.  There is 3 ways to give, a giving box in the back, on-line or by texting.   If you would like more information about where the weekly giving total goes, how its used or why giving is important, reach out to one of our staff members here


Each week, we take time in our service to pray together. We do this to set our minds and hearts in the right place for what God has in store for us. If you have prayer request, there is a prayer request card in the seat-back that you can fill out and turn in to the offering plate. Please note that these are read aloud unless indicated otherwise. 


We do our very best each week to present the Good News of Jesus in our messages. Usually the message last for about 25-30 minutes with slides that support the message.  You should have received a sermon notes which will serve as a guide to help you follow along. 

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Watch A Sermon

Whether you missed a week or you’re curious about our services, check out the latest sermons from our weekly livestream.

Have kids?

Learn more about our children’s programs and how we teach your little ones about the love of Christ.